A week in photos

Haii guys!, Long time no speak – just over a week (sorry!). I’ve been so busy over the past week, every time I went to write something came up, then when I did sit down nothing came to mind isn’t that typical?. Life’s been busy recently and I fancied just letting it all out having a catch up if you will. So here you have it, My week in photo’s.

Thursday – I had the cutest print arrive from Jemma (Dorkface). I have to say I love every single bit of her work so I couldn’t resist grabbing this beautiful abstracty painting – It’s bringing me so much joy. On that note I’ve made it a goal to only fill my home with things that make me happy to minimalize clutter (So far I’m doing great!). We also went for a lovely meal on this day but I haven’t got any photo’s of that – the steak burger was looovely though!.

Friday – One of my favourite days from last week – I finally did it I went to the hairdressers and I had a chop. A big chop. I went from ombre’d chest length hair to a lob and I’ve never been happier with my hair, The hairdresser did such a good job with it.  I picked up some of the curl cream my hairdresser used on me because of how luscious it made my hair feel, safe to say this was a good day!. It’s easier to manage, style and it’s saving me soooo much time!.

Saturday – Saturday was such a lovely day (minus the rain). Although it did warm up in the evening which is when we decided to book a table in Polperro at one of our favourite places to eat (The Harbour Greenhouse) after having a nice stroll around, It really was lovely.

Sunday – TODAY!. When I’m writing this ready for you guys to read it tomorrow morning. Currently I’m feasting on Pringles and digestive caramel nibbles (clearly I’m quite healthy). I actually made my boyfriend a cake – ready for his birthday Tuesday I’m not too keen on showing it because 1) he’ll peak and 2) it’s my first try with ready to roll icing etc and it’s very messy and it doesn’t look very visually appealing  but hey!, I’m learning (slowly). I hope he has a great day regardless!. Okay maybe one peak at the cake – It is my second shot – long story short the first one melted everywhere which was such a nightmare(!!). Also sorry about the awful photography – I took this photo at 10pm (genius).