50 blog post ideas for all blogs.

Ugh, the dreaded writer’s block. Honestly, is there anything worse?. Recently I’ve started blogging twice a week which I absolutely love doing but it means double the ideas which I’m slowly running out of, today I had such a wave of inspiration (so many post ideas) and I thought there’s way too many to save for myself?. So if you are struggling with the dreaded writer’s block then consider me your blogging fairy godmother – here are 50 post ideas for all sorts of blogs, If you find this post useful please share it, You may help someone who needs a little headstart!.

Beauty posts

  1. Let us see your makeup collection (even those really worn out palettes) we wanna see it all!.
  2. Speaking of makeup collections, How do you store it?
  3. What are your go-to makeup, haircare and skincare products?.
  4. What are your most hated products?
  5. How do you do your everyday makeup?
  6. Following on from that how do you ‘glam it up’ for the night?
  7. Beauty trends you love (or hate)
  8. Do you know any high-end dupes?
  9. What empties do you have?
  10. 10 of the best __ for under £10 and so on 
  11.  Your haircare routine.

Lifestyle posts

  1. Tell us some things you love, perhaps 10, 20 or 30.
  2. Done any shopping recently?, How about a good old-fashioned haul?.
  3. A Vlog perhaps?, Share your day!.
  4. A home tour- Some of my fave posts
  5. A good old fashioned what’s in my bag – aren’t they just the best?
  6. Recently redecorated a room or in the process?, How about a before and after?.
  7. Do you know any good DIY’s perhaps a lip scrub or a body butter?
  8. What are some of your favourite books – I hardly ever see posts like this but I’d find them so interesting.
  9. Do you know any good recipes?.
  10. Themed posts such as easter, Halloween, spring etc.
  11. How do you save money?

Travel posts.

  1. Where are some of your favourite places to travel?.
  2. Going away soon? bring us along! (maybe even Vlog a little).
  3. Have any memories of holidays etc?
  4. What are your travel essentials? (makeup, toiletries etc).
  5. A photo diary of a recent holiday.
  6. How do you pack for a short/long stay?
  7. Holiday bucket list.
  8. Your favourite things about travelling – Dont you just love the sand between your toes?

Fashion posts 

  1. Your absolute wardrobe staples ( that cute pair of converse you’ve had for years?)
  2. Your holy grail hairstyles
  3. How you style – mom jeans, denim skirts, smart trousers
  4. Please, someone, write a post about the whole jeans and a nice top thing PLS SHOW US WHAT THE TOP IS!.
  5. Done some damage to your purse whilst on ASOS? show us what you brought!.
  6. What pieces do you think are worth investing in?
  7. Clothing wishlists
  8. Where do you like to take your photos?
  9. How do you organise your wardrobe?.
  10. Outfits depending on seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
  11. Your outfit inspirations – perhaps a celebrity etc.
  12. Cheaper alternatives for designer labels.

Blogging/photography posts 

  1. What equipment do you use?.
  2. How do you organise your posts, tweets etc?.
  3. A post all about your blog – why you started it etc.
  4. How to start a blog.
  5. Photography tips.
  6. All about your inspirations
  7. Your fave bloggers – Show em some love!
  8. Your very own 50 Blog post ideas!. 
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Charlie x