Tips on prepping your car for a long journey.

Ahhh, We’ve all been there – the 7 hour ‘are we there yet’ car journey. There’s something so fun about travelling to your favourite place, your holiday destination or even just home. However, even though you have all the excitement in the air, you should always remember to make sure you don’t forget to prep your car so you’re not in a pickle half way there!. Here are some of my top tips for prepping your car!.

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Food and water 

This one might be a bit obvious but you’re going to want some snacks and something to drink. If you have someone aboard that is travel sick, perhaps something like malted milk biscuits and nothing too sugary and greasy! don’t forget the travel sickness tablets if you need them!.

Prep your tyres!. 

My first tip for your tyres is to check your tyre pressure, you can do this with a pressure gauge if you have one if not you can do it at your local garage. The correct pressure can be found on the driver’s door. The best tip I can give is to keep a spare tyre, you never know when one may go and you don’t want to be half way to your destination when it happens, Point S* in Exeter have a range of tyres should you need one, they also have a handy booking system which is easy to use!. Following on from that point don’t forget to check that your tyres aren’t too worn and if they are looking a little sorry for themselves treat it too some new ones, you’ll thank yourself in the future. If you’re feeling super fancy you could also place a 20p coin in between the tread to see if it’s the legal requirement of 1.6mm.

Cleaning the car!.

You’re going to be in this car for a long time, so bearing that in mind having a nice clean car could be what you need. I’d recommend giving it a good wash and if you don’t have the time, get your family to help you!. A nice hoover and a  new air freshener perhaps and don’t forget to give your tyres a good clean either. 

A checklist will be your best friend

Make a checklist to follow, I recommend things such as your Indicators,  Lights, Fluids under the bonnet, Make sure you’re all topped up and your Oil – you can use a dipstick for this if you have one, Don’t forget to top up!. Also, I’d recommend checking the fluids under your bonnet, you can fill these if they need it.

Don’t forget your map!, Where will you be heading this summer?.
Charlie xx

This post was kindly sponsored by Point S tyres, Exeter.*

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