My photography tips

I haven’t been blogging for very long, just over a year actually but if there’s one thing I feel I’ve drastically improved on is my photography, I wanted to share with you a few of my top tips on how I’ve improved my photos from when I started blogging.

Props and background.

I never used to use props in my photos and it seems a little strange to me now, When someone’s looking through your blog the first thing they’ll be drawn to is your photo’s so why not make them pop, make them want to see more – have a little more in one photo than a lipstick, a pretty collage of items if you will (so long as you keep the product you’re talking about the main focus). I really like Etsy for photo props – you’ll find so much on there it’s unreal. For backgrounds something bright is your best bet, I love a nice bright white background and I’m most drawn to those and colourful backgrounds myself – I’m not 100% keen on dull backgrounds that do not do the products must justice – especially as you want them to stand out. you can buy sticky back plastics on eBay if you’re after marble or wood effects they won’t cost you much either – personally, I just use the back of a roll of wallpaper or a nice throw.

Take away tips – Bright clear backgrounds that do the products justice, Props that draw attention such as books, phones, laptops (i can do a separate post on props if anyone would like it).

1st photo – Bright crisp background, props

2nd photo- dull background, no props

Lighting and angles 

When I started this blog I didn’t have the slightest clue about photography. I used to take most of my pictures at night, with terrible lighting very zoomed out which made them look dull and blurry. Nowadays I wouldn’t dream of doing that. I like to take all my photos in the day right next to a nice big window, Slightly zoomed so the product is the main focus of the photo. If you’re struggling for light and you’re using a DSLR you can always turn up your ISO a little for a brighter image. If you can’t take advantage of natural light I really recommend soft box lighting and if that’s a little pricey for you – don’t worry there’s so many DIY’s on Pinterest you could try out!. And if you’re still If you’re struggling the next point (editing) I’m about to make will help you out a treat. 
Take away tips are – Bright room, Nice and zoomed in, higher ISO if needed.
1st photo – dull room, not zoomed in not edited.
2nd photo – bright room, zoomed in, edited.

Equipment and editing

I started taking photos on a 5s and personally, I do believe you can take great photos on a phone so long as you use the tips I’ve given above, I personally prefer a DSLR myself though. I like to use mine on Manual for a little more control but it took me a long time to use that, The DSLR gives me so much more control rather than a phone and I do feel it makes a lot of difference. I use a canon 400d which is an older model but it works perfectly for me as a beginner. For equipment, I like to use a tripod if I’ve adjusted shutter speed to reduce shaking and I also never used to edit. However, nowadays I like to use a photo editor afterwards to brighten up and sharpen images – I really like pic monkey personally.
Take away tips – tripod if needed, DSLR for more control and quality 
1st photo – Iphone, not edited

2nd photo  – DSLR, edited, No flash 

I hope you found these tips helpful, what tips and tricks do you use with photography?.

Charlie x

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4 thoughts on “My photography tips

  1. Thanks for this! I love the 'before' and 'after' photos that you've shown. It's really effective to show photography like this.My photography could use A LOT of work. So, thanks for this!I'm following you on Bloglovin so I can see more!


  2. No problem!, i'm glad you found it helpful, I can't wait to see how your photo's progress!, Hope you enjoy my future posts – if you need help with any post ideas, stock photos etc you can subscribe to my free newsletter if it helps!Charlie x


  3. These are great tips! I've always had an interest in photography so I don't think any of my photographs are too terrible, but my more recent ones are definittely more interesting as I've started using different props and backgrounds for variety, and different filters at times to create the right mood. I'm going to look into some cheap lighting solutions for the times where I'm without good natural light as well.Thanks again for sharing these helpful tips!Beccah


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