Tips on saving money

I used to be the WORST at saving money, as fast as I got it – I spent it. I’ve learnt that this was to do with my childhood, I won’t get into details but I didn’t get many treats or luxuries and when I finally got a job I splashed all of my wages within a day. Now I like to think of myself as a little more chill, I don’t have to spend money to be happy and if you need to save a little up too, then here’s how I manage it.


I’ve taught myself the difference between an essential and a luxury. For example – Groceries and toiletries they’re essentials that little naughty take away last week, that make up product you spotted – luxury. It’s taking a lot of getting used too but I’ve learnt I shouldn’t ‘need’ luxuries I might allow myself a makeup shop once in a blue moon (I’ve done one this year and it only cost me £15) I should use what I already own first. Be careful not to be too harsh on yourself because you’ll just feel like shit, trust me – perhaps save up separately for a little treat.

Shopping smart

This is one I 100% recommend. You can make a DIY pizza at home for roughly £2.50 for 2 pizzas rather than £12 from a takeaway, It might not seem a lot but it’ll soon add up. When I’m in a supermarket I keep an eye out for reduced ‘still fresh’ food that can be frozen and used at a later date – you’ll pay around half the price. I buy half loaves of bread because there’s only two of us, a full loaf will go to waste, this way I save money and wastage. I always make a list which I stick too and I don’t shop hungry (that costs you a lot more). Whenever you feel like telling someone too ‘keep the change’ because it’s only a few pence.. chuck it in your pocket and when you get home pop it in a jar it’ll build up in no time.

Meal plans

Meal plans have changed how I shop. To have a week’s worth of meals scheduled is just hugely satisfying, Not only will it save you a tonne of money but you’ll skip the dreaded “I don’t know, what do you want?”. I have lots of budget friendly recipes over on my Pinterest board.

Cancelling what you don’t need

This one took me a while to get around to actually doing. If you have a Netflix account you only use like once a year, cancel it.. and when you fancy a little Netflix binge perhaps one of your lovely friends will let you use their account for the day or the opposite only ever watch Netflix? cancel your sky/virgin etc you can pick up a free view box for your essential channels and you’ll save a fortune!. Magazine subscription that you never get around to reading, cancel it and buy a one off magazine when the shop when you fancy it. 

I hope these tips came in handy for you, how do you save money?.