20 budget date ideas that you’ll love.

Lets face it, We’ve all been in that ‘I don’t know, What do you want to do?” situation. As much as going out for a meal is nice, lets face it – it’s costly and you’re bored of it. Switch it up and pick one of the following ideas, you’ll have tonnes more fun and your wallet will thank you for sure.

1) Bake together – if you can’t bake in the traditional sense buy loads of packet mixes. Bonus points for flour fights – the first thing me and my boyfriend baked together came from a packet!.

2) Host an indoor picnic – God, I love a good picnic but if the weathers bland or like me your town is surrounded by savages (seagulls) have one indoors, save yourself the stress, throw in a film for a more cosy vibe.

3) Have a movie marathon – Pick a film you both enjoy watching perhaps the hunger games or harry potter and watch them all in order!.

4) Decorate a room together – just moved in?, fancy a change?. Decorate a new room together, Bonus points for this one because you’ve achieved something in the process.

5) THREE WORDS – Open. Mic. Night. I don’t need to say anything else.

6) Walk around your local galleries and art shops, you don’t have to buy anything.

7) Go for a walk!. Explore where you live, make your own ‘special place’.

8) ‘The penny date’ – I’m not 100% who came up with this but it’s genius, take a penny label each side with directions (example heads is right, tales is left) get in the car or walk flip the coin and go in the direction it lands on – just be careful to not get lost!.

9)Start a new series and binge watch it together – We just started the walking dead.

10) Make your own pizzas! – whoever makes the best one picks the film for the night!.

11) Board games – an oldie but a goodie maybe steer clear from monopoly unless you want it to turn into an argument though.

12) Revamp something together – Whether it be an old chair or a whole room make it something you both
love and you’re proud of, Pinterest has great ideas!.

13) Visit a new town or village, go in all the gift shops!.

14) Buy all your favourite junk food and just have a night watching some good old fashioned TV. I recommend through the keyhole with Keith Lemon, I promise you’ll both be in stitches.

15) Make a video together – upload it to youtube – maybe get him to guess the prices of your stuff, it’s as funny as it sounds.

16) cook together, a nice inexpensive at home meal, pasta bake is a cheap and versatile idea.

17) Build a fort!. Bonus points for fairy lights!.

18) Play 20 questions, good question ideas include favourite colours, best memories, future baby names, favourite animals.

19) Make a ‘date jar’ Pinterest has so much inspo!.

20) Have a ‘bake off’ – This one is one of my favourites, It’s so funny to do!.

I hope you find these useful and enjoy doing them!, Comment below what your favourite idea is!.
Charlie x

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