Maintaining natural curls

I always grew up HATING my hair which, to be honest, I’ve heard a lot of girls say. However, one thing I will confess to is actually never knowing how to look after my hair enough to make it look nice, I’d brush it so much and wash it not only wrong but with the wrong products. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt mainly in the last year is how to maintain my curls and how much I LOVE them!. I thought I’d share with all you curl enthusiasts how easy it is to get those killer curls!.

Embracing my natural curls 

Calm down on the heat.

When you apply heat on your hair it looses it’s natural protein and moisture and in order to straighten your hair fibres have to break if you have curly hair, your straight strands are the fibres that have been damaged and cannot curl back (Who knew?). If you have to use heat, I’d recommend using it in moderation maybe once or twice a week depending on the thickness and strength of your hair. 
I actually stopped using heat by accident. MY straighteners started looking a little sorry for themselves and I spilt orange juice on my curlers (nitwit). I haven’t been able to afford to replace them and therefore, I haven’t used heat on my hair for 2 months, perhaps longer I style my hair by leaving it in a plait over night and my hair looks and feels so much stronger and healthier and isn’t breaking pff half as much as it used too.

Be careful how much you’re washing your hair.

If you wash your hair everyday you’re probably thinking right now ‘what is this girl talking about?’. Shampoo’s actually trap oils meaning they can dry your hair out and make it prone to breakage should you use them too much. 
Obviously there’s no right answer for how much you should be shampooing but the way i figured it out was I took one week and left my hair as long as possible without shampooing it (as hard as it sounds) I still used dry shampoo and my hair lasted about 3 / 4 days with a touch of conditioner on my ends half way through and now I swear by not washing my hair excessively, It looks as if it has a lot more moisture in and I’m saving a tonne of money on shampoo. 

Find products that work for you

Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you to spend a fortune on finding the right hair care, I managed it on a budget. After researching I’ve read about a few ingredients to look out for when buying shampoos. Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates and triethanolamine are all things to look out for. You want a product with plant based, raw ingredients, minimal packaging and possibly one which is homemade you can read more here. Lush is a good place to start if you’d like something a little more gentle without spending a fortune.
I’d also recommend investing in an oil, I use Moroccan oil after every hair wash too soothe my hair, It also smells beautiful. I always notice a big difference when I use it. It’s become my go too. Whatever products you decide to use, make sure they make you feel more confident and like your hair was crafted by Disney themselves (All of their princesses and heroines are hands down hair goals).

I hope you’ve found all of these tips useful, See you next week!.
Charlie x