A day out in Polperro

The other day I was literally the most bored I’ve ever been.. Literally, We decided as it was a nice day that the day after we’d go to Polperro which is a cute little village down the road from ours. Obviously, we was under the impression it would be a nice day (wrong) but we went anyway as we wanted something to do. This was my first time visiting Polperro and I just love it, there’s’ not a huge amount to do but there’s the most adorable Christmas shop with the cutest decorations EVER (yes I’m aware it’s only March) we’re going back to this shop nearer to Christmas. I quite liked the fact that there wasn’t an awful lot about, it was really calming!. We stopped off for lunch in a really nice cafe and had a little walk about, It was just a shame it was raining really. Although, I still had a lovely day.
Have you ever been to Polperro?, What did you think?.

14 thoughts on “A day out in Polperro

  1. Oh these pictures are stunning, i'm inspired to go on a little day trip like this and take pictures! You have a wonderful blog here anyway, you should be proud of all your hard work! xadelelydia.blogspot.com


  2. The photography is amazing! But I've never been to this place and I like the look of it! Good post xxItsallzara.blogspot.co.uk


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