My 2017 summer bucket list.

Spring is here and it’s a great time to start planning your summer days out!. I feel like last year I focused far too much on possessions and not enough on getting out and spending time with the people I love. This year I’m planning on getting out more. I really urge you to take a little inspo from this and perhaps instead of buying that pair of heels or piece of clothing that you don’t really need to use the money, gather your friends and make some memories because at the end of the day your possessions will never make you as happier than some good memories. 

1- I really want to go back to Polperro a couple of times whilst the weather’s nice, It was lovely.
2- I want to spend more time at the beach 
3- Go out with my boyfriend for dinner more rather than just staying in
4- Go and see my family more (they live 8 hours away)
5- Have a barbeque (maybe at the beach because we haven’t got a garden)
6- Go on holiday (Torquay was just the best last year)
7- Go for more walks.
8- Explore somewhere I’ve never been 
9- Sit on the pier in the evening 
10 – Following on from that evening walks on the beach are just the best
11- Take some days out in Plymouth
12- Sit on the beach for lunch
What would be on your bucket list?
Charlie xx

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