What I eat in a day #1

As you all know, I’m hugely bad at snacking. I’m trying to encourage myself to eat a bit better and one thing I’ve found helps is watching or reading ‘what I eat in a day’ posts and videos. In a way I suppose it motivates me to cook something nice and from scratch. I’ve decided to write up my own what I eat in a day as a way to remind myself I can eat healthy(ish) without snacking all the time!.

BREAKFAST – tut, tut. I haven’t had breakfast. Okay, let me explain. I knew I was going out for dinner and If i would have ate breakfast I wouldn’t have been hungry enough for dinner, but if i was going to have breakfast it would either be scrambled eggs on toast or granola fruit and yogurt.
LUNCH – As i said, I went out for lunch. I actually went to a lovely cafe in Polperro, I’ve got a post with lots of photos ready to go up in a few weeks so keep and eye out for that!. I went for a ham and cheese toastie which is always one of my favourite lunches.

DINNER-  I made a tuna pasta bake for dinner with a nice salad, I really enjoyed it and it means I have some left over for my lunch tomorrow!.

This post was in collaboration with Amber rose, go and check out her what i eat in a day video, I know you’ll love it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f6DgXve6-c&feature=youtu.be&a

What do you eat typically in a day?,
Charlie xx