The Lush List

It’s no surprise that I LOVE lush. Their products never irritate my sensitive skin and they’re really affordable for saying that they’re hand made, nice, natural and don’t even get me started on how freaking cute their bath bombs always are *cries bc my tiny flat only has a shower in*.

I’m hoping to buy these and more maybe in April and I’m also hoping to do a Lush giveaway around then so if you like that kind of thing  make sure you subscribe to my blog to be kept in the loop with that whilst you’re here (subscription box in footer). You can also subscribe to me on YouTube so you can catch a good old fashioned lush haul in a few weeks!.

The bubble gum lip scrub – I haven’t tried a lip scrub before it just isn’t something that has ever crossed my mind but I exfoliate my skin so why not my lips as well and what could be better than bubble gum (and it’s edible).

Breath of fresh air toner – A lovely mist perfect to use as a spritz in the summer to cool down, or any time of year when you want to feel refreshed. I thought I could use this through the summer and it’s perfect to just chuck in your bag

H’Suan Wen Hua – I can not freaking pronounce this for the life of me. I just I don’t know where to start if you know sound it out for me id be so grateful because it’s driving me CRAZZZY. Now that one’s out of my system; This sounds amazing. It’s basically a hair mask made of natural ingredients which will give you goddess hair (I’ve gotta get me some of that).

Blueberry roulade – God I love blueberries. This is a shower smoothie with lathers your skin with gorgeous blueberry scent, a luxurious soft soap which I cant wait to get my hands on. Although apparently it sells out quick; a girl can dream.

I’m hoping I can get my hands on all these goodies!. Don’t you just LOVE lush?,
Charlie xx