The drugstore foundation for us pale skin beauties – N07 review

I know I didn’t post last week i’m very sorry; I was super I’ll and too make up for it today I’m posting my first ever youtube video and I’m giving you a review of one of my favourites; The N07 beautifully matte foundation as someone with hella pale skin, I’m talking like 2% milk over here I can’t win when it comes to drug store foundation even some ‘porcelains’ make me tangerine. If I do manage to find a foundation to fit my skin tone, it’s quite rare it fits my combination skin type; the majority I have tried have just clung to dry areas and slipped off oily areas.

I was browsing in Boots the other day when I came across a N07 stand, I haven’t brought anything from N07 before but I was running low on foundation and my mum told me that she uses one from this brand, Her foundation wasn’t the same as the one I picked up but I could tell it had evened out her skin tone a lot so I decided I’d give the brand a try. I went over to the N07 counter where the lovely assistant did a colour match on my skin, This shown my colour as calico; I was handed a card with my shade, what colour lipstick and eyeshadows go well (amazing right?). I went back to the stand and picked out the beautifully matte foundation.

The foundation is oil free and sits nicely in place when applied, It doesn’t slip off my oily areas and it doesn’t cling to dry areas. The coverage is full which is a god send to me because I have a lot of blemishes and scars from old spots, I hardly have to use concealer when I use this foundation & it doesn’t appear cakey. It’s easy to apply; I just used my fingers to blend because I haven’t washed my brushes yet whoops. This lasts pretty much most of the day on my skin (oily, dry, sensitive) and it doesn’t cling or slip of the areas. This blends and applies so well and I really love the finish of it.

Overall I think this Is one of the best foundations I have brought from the drugstore- Have you tried this foundation?, What did you think?.