january sales 2017

Who doesn’t love a good bargain?. I love a sale so you can imagine how much time I spend in shops in January whoops!. I had some pretty good finds this year so I thought I’d share them with you, If by some miracle the product is in stock (Way hey!) I’ll pop a link where you can find it for yourself. I didn’t buy a lot in the sales because I had so much for Christmas that I couldn’t have possibly hoped for anything else. I was supposed to be filming my what I got for Christmas this week but I’ve been so ill my week has basically consisted of being on the phone to the NHS, being at the doctors and ‘trying’ to rest (are you kidding, I work from home that is impossible).

Image was not taken by myself, Image source – http://www.soapandglory.com/new-arrivals/take-your-pinktm

If there’s one place all my money goes; it’s Primark. I wont even lie I love me some Primark. It’s always the first place I head in the sales and if not to buy new things it’s to return that perfect navy jumper I got for Christmas that I wore for one day before it broke ‘*sigh*.  I ended up getting a lot of clothing for Christmas so when it came to the sales there wasn’t much that caught my eye, plus I only had one case for the coach so everything had to fit in that, anyway the first things I picked up were from Primark and that consisted of a beautiful long sleeved black off the shoulder top, I also went for a really nice checked bra, new lounge bottoms plenty of fluffy socks Why wouldn’t you? . I also picked up with my voucher from my grandma a lovely denim skirt and a nice burgundy high neck long sleeve top, I also picked out a lovely white backpack!. From new look I found a gorgeous lace black bra, can’t go wrong with that because I got like £10 off, bargain.

I also of course went straight on to Boots in the sales I was a little late to these sales and I very much regret missing that make up revolution blush palette on Superdrug for only £4 down from £20 (I may cry).  I did however pick up the take your pink gift set by Soap and glory which includes the; hand food, scrub of your life, clean on me and the righteous butter as well as a bath lilly.

So as I mentioned I didn’t pick up all of that much because I didn’t need too, I also had to get all of this home in 1 suitcase along with everything I got for Christmas and everything I already took which was a nightmare. Did you find any bargains in the sales?
Charlie xx