Blogmas Day 3 – 10 ways to feel festive.

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas!. I’ve totally been in that Christmas spirit for months (don’t judge) sometimes it’s not always easy to get into that Christmas spirit!.  Especially when it’s sunny outside, seriously? give me snow but here are 10 ways you can feel festive when it’s not looking a lot like Christmas.

Why do I not work in a café, seriously?

 #1 Put on a Christmas film!.

Get into your PJ’s, Grab some popcorn, cuddle up on the sofa to get cosy and have a Christmas film marathon, I can suggest the Grinch, Home alone and Disney’s a Christmas carol as some of my personal favourites. So far I’ve been loving Arthur Christmas.

 #2 Advent Calendars

Did someone say chocolate?, For breakfast? Give me that. What better way to start your day than a little piece of heaven. I wish I’d have managed to pick up a few beauty calendars but I’ve been so short on money so I couldn’t but I’m just enjoying watching what everyone else is picking out of theirs. Next year I’ll save up for one because after all what’s better than starting your day with chocolate? a brand new makeup product.

 #3 A hot chocolate, don’t scrimp on the calories

Top your hot chocolate with all things ‘bad for you’. My personal favourites include whipped cream, marshmallows and a dusting of chocolate powder. Grab a mince pie or a gingerbread and go back to #1.

 #4 Christmas clothing

If you’re a bit short on festivity a Christmas jumper or pair of PJ’s is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. I have my cute Christmas PJ bottoms but I can’t actually remember where they were from as it was so long ago.

 #5 Christmas baking

Who doesn’t love the beautiful smell of gingerbread or mince meat in the oven? I absolutely love baking and Christmas baking is an amazing way to get into the festive spirit. Also, don’t worry about being the best baker in the world, just worry about having fun and getting into that festive spirit!.

 #6 Festive scents

How could  I even do Christmas without my Christmassy scents!. Gingerbread and cinnamon scents have my heart!. Keep your eyes out for a few days for my favourite festive scents!. I’m loving the body shop spiced apple hand cream this month and I’m also keen to get my hands on Zoella gingerbread range.

 #7 Christmas Music

There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than putting a Christmas album on Spotify and singing as awful  definitely amazing and loud as possible when your cleaning, baking or doing anything. Michael Buble is for sure the way forward.

#8 Christmas Decorations

This is for sure the first way I got into the festive spirit. I got the tree up and all of my home decorations are up!. You can check out my tree decorations HERE and although we’ve been on a tight  budget this month because we just moved into our first home and we’ve not really got it homely or cosy yet we’ve really tried to make our house as Christmassy as possible, I’ll be posting my home decorations in a couple of days.

#9 Christmas pamper night

Yes, yes, yes. Nothing sounds better than this!. A nice relaxing bath although I only have a shower so I have to make do followed with the best pamper routine and relaxing ‘me’ time. If you’d like me to do a post on a Christmas pamper routine full of Christmassy products let me know down below!.

#10 Christmas stalls

Although I’m not a huge fan of Christmas shopping dragging yourself around a shop squeezing through people throwing away your money since moving closer to a city I’ve been obsessed with Christmas stalls. Because who wouldn’t want hot doughnuts to make that horrible shopping experience a little more bearable. In Plymouth, there’s usually an ice rink so you can have a little bit of fun when shopping starts to get to you. Which I will for sure be dragging my bestie Courtney along with me for. I might even do a little post for you showing you all the cute stalls.

How do you get into the festive mood?

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