Blogmas Day 2- Decorating the tree on a budget.

Is there anything better than decorating your tree at Christmas?. It’s my first Christmas of having my own home and although I’ll be home for Christmas I think it’s nice to still have the tree up. Colour scheme wise I’ve gone with gold and white for my living room and gold ad silver for my bedroom. However, the room decorations will be in tomorrow’s post.

The tree itself was only a cheap one from Argos, as I said in my haul post I’d have loved to have gone and picked out a tree but it just wasn’t going to happen on my budget. I chose a simple 5ft tree for £13.

I have some serious decoration problem. They have to be spaced nicely and not as though they’ve been thrown on the tree.. please tell me someone else has this?. The tree always takes me the longest to decorate because of this. I’ve gone for white and gold to fit into my living room and it’s taken me  2 hours to get this tree right so far and I’m undoubtedly about t o be reorganising for the next day or so.

Plus if you’re lucky enough to have a little mischievous kitten like me she may have knocked yours over already too. She woke me up at 3 am with the tree on the floor

The cutest snowflake decorations ever.

Handmade reindeer hearts.

Sparkly Reindeers

It may be small, but it’s my first Christmas tree and I love it!

Not to forget the angel at the top of the tree

How are you decorating your tree this year? xx

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