A little make up top up

Now that it’s autumn, which is my favourite time of year. Who doesn’t love autumnal colours and cooler weather?. Anyway, I decided a little make up top up was in order. However, I couldn’t go too over the top like I usually would because I’m now in my own home and I have bills and loads of grown up responsibilities that I just won’t bore you with. Also I work seasonally so I’m trying too be somewhat sensible with money.

Rimmel’s wake me up foundation in 100 ivory

I’ve used this a couple of times and I really like the way it makes my skin feel and look. The shade is a little orangey for me but when it’s blended you can hardly tell so it’s not a big issue. This is a dewy foundation so you’d have too use a powder if you prefer a more matte look. However,  I’m really digging the dewy skin look recently. The coverage I’d say is medium, which is good for an everyday look in my opinion. it’s very breathable and I’m loving the way my skin looks with it on.

Rimmel’s Kate limited edition lipstick in retro red 

I  can not cope with this packaging. It’s rose gold and just so me!. I fell in love with the colour instantly. There’s currently a 2 for £10 on Rimmel in boots if you’re looking too stock up and you want to get your hands on that. I’ve used Kate lipsticks before and I love the formula of them, I don’t need too touch them up much and they smell amazing. I need that nude shade I saw earlier….

Rimmel’s Wake me up mascara 

Okay there’s a thing going on with Rimmel here and products that make me look like less of a zombie. I’ve used this mascara before and I loved the wand and the way it applies, I’d agree it make sure me look a lot more awake. I like the fact it doesn’t go too clumpy and it lasts a while, is definitely buy this again for sure.

    Seventeen’s make your mark eyeliner 

I buy these so often I swear, I lose them all the time and I can never find them (there’s most likely a stash in my make up storage). I like the formula of these and the fact that they’re very black rather than a dull shade like some eyeliners can be. The nib is very precise and the pen itself is very easy too use.  They’re very affordable which is lucky for me considering  I’ll most likely continue too lose and buy these for a while.

Have you ever tried any of these products?, what did you think?.