My August favourites

It’s finally September!. I feel as though there’s two types of people around this time one type are the ones that are super upset summers over and want to go into hibernation and the other type (ME) that are so, so happy autumn is here and can not wait for the leaves to turn brown and for Halloween and Christmas to come around!. Here are what I was enjoying throughout August.


I have been wearing this constantly recently, I am obsessed with liquid lipsticks and I wasn’t expecting much from one that I only paid £3 for but I am in love!. The colour is so gorgeous I love the consistency and it goes with literally everything.


This is a new one I picked up this month as a one off, It consists of two powders and a mirror, the layout kind of reminds me of the NARS duo eyeshadows. The thing I like about this contour kit is that the powder isn’t too orangey which can sometimes make your face look a little patchy (especially if you’re like me and you are still a beginner). I also like the fact the highlighter is matte so you can add a different product if you want too which I usually do but if you didn’t like the shine then you could use this.


As someone that haven’t looked after their skin hugely I find keeping routines hard. I also have a huge problem finding what works for me. I brought this after using a skin diagnostic tool from the body shop and I really enjoy using it. It makes my skin feel so soft, smooth and fresh and I love it.


I am in love with this scrub. It literally smells of like ginger bread which completely reminds me of Christmas (who doesn’t love Christmas right?). I love the texture of this and how silky smooth my skin feels after. It’s also made with natural ingredients and doesn’t irritate my skin which is such a bonus!.
Have you tried any of these products?, What have you been loving throughout August?.

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