MUA undress your skin highlight review

I have heard so much about these highlighters and for only £3 I couldn’t resist trying one of them out. I picked the pink shimmer because it just looked so gorgeous and was definitely my favourite out of the three I saw. I’m going to be rating this out of 15. 5 for application, 5 for longevity and 5 for the product in general

The product in general

The product in general this can be a pain. The only reason for this is to get the actual pigment of this highlighter you have to scratch the top layer off. Yes, this does take a while. I Used a standard blusher brush to scratch this layer off. The packaging is cute and sturdy which is great because you wouldn’t want this randomly opening in your bag. The colour is stunning and it lasts fairly well for something which only cost me £3. the only reason I’d mark this down is because of the layer you have to scratch of to actually get the product you want, all together I give this a 4/5.


In terms of application this is pretty good. apart from the hard layer you have to scratch off first which I mentioned a second ago, I think this is super easy to apply and work with. I apply this with my E.L.F blusher brush to get maximum pigment as I feel as though my fan brush doesn’t really get much from this (but that may just be the brush). I like an light look for everyday so I don’t build this up too much. However, if you wanted something a little more intense I feel as though that could definitely be done with this. For the versatility and application of this I give it a 4/5.

Does it last?

In my own personal opinion, this lasts well for the price, usually for around 3/4 hours, but hey it was only £3. I usually only have to go over this once If I’m wearing it all day. However, it’s such a gorgeous shade that ill happily top it up rather than wear something else. I’d give this maybe a 3/5.


Overall I really like this product, I’d buy it again for definite. I’m also thinking of buying the rest from this range. Overall this product gained a 11/15. which I think is very good for something that only cost me £3. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a budget highlighter.
Have you tried this highlighter?, What did you think?