recent body shop party mini haul

I recently hosted a body shop party for a friend of mine, the party was all on facebook and I had lots of fun with the party!. I’m a little late with this post I’ve just been so busy as I work in a seasonal town and everyones on holiday and works been super busy. We’re also waiting to hear back on if we have a flat or not so I’ve been saving like crazy for that (However, It’s not looking good but I’m still hoping).

What did I get?

The mango shower gel!

I absolutely love the mango range, it’s one of my favourite body shop ranges (along with coconut). It’s just such a nice fruity scent  which just reminds me of summer completely. I find the shower jel supergentle on my sensitive skin and nice and hydrating and the full size only costed £2.80!.

The coconut shower cream!

As I said before the coconut range is also aa favourite of mine!. This shower cream feels so good on the skin, supe smooth soft results. The scent is also incredible!.

The mango body mist

This smells heaveny. I really like the mists because I fell as though they’re not too over powering yet at the same time they last, so it’s a win win really!.

The aloe cream clenser

I’ve heard some great things about this!. I can’t wait to try this out. it smells super fresh and is especially for sensitive skin which is great!.

The aloe toner

To match my clenser I also went for the aloe clenser, this again smells really nice and fresh and I ccant wit to try it out!. I think I’ll do a post on these two things once ie seen how I get on with them both.