Loreal Matte Infaliablle review.

As you may have seen in my recent haul I picked up the Loreal matte Infalliable 24 hr matte foundation. I’ve seen quite a bit of hype around this foundation and I just wanted to give my honest review on it. I’m going to rate this out of 5 for each point so out of 15 in total . Points being for coverage, if it lasts, texture and application.


The coverage on this is okay. The packet states high coverage and for someone with quite a few blemishes I’d say that this covers pretty well but only when applied a certain way. This does dry matte too. Out of 5 I’d give this a 4 for coverage.


In terms of texture, I’m not very keen. This foundation just looks so cakey and thick on your skin. It does feel quite cakey on my skin personally. For texture I’d give this a 2/5. 

Does it last?

Honestly, not really. It only lasts like a couple hours which is disappointing as it says 24 hrs, I find it like it just falls off and goes horrifically patchy which I actually hate in a foundation. Out of 5 this would get a 2


In terms of application is good but it’s not great. Its good because you can only really get the desired coverage by using your fingertips so there’s no limit to a great application on this. I did personally ry with a brush but all the foundation just kind of fell off as I was applying. So I personally found fingertips is easier. It’s a thick formula so in terms of blending it can be a bit more difficult to blend in and also I find myself worrying about pulling it all off whilst applying. When popping a powder over this you have to be super care full to not pull it off which isn’t the easiest because then you end up applying quite a bit and looking even more cakey than before. Out of 5 I’d give this a 3.

Final scores.

So from all that this has gained a average score of 11/15. I’d definitely say this wasn’t the greatest foundation I’ve tried and I don’t think in my honest opinion it was worth then hype. If I was you I’d give it a miss.
Have you tried the infalliable matte? what did you think, was it worth the hype?.

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