I went shopping! Haul post!

So the other day I went into Plymouth shopping. I absolutely love watching and reading hauls so I wanted to do one of my own!. I will say this isn’t a huge haul but I couldn’t afford too much!. However, I visited quite a few shops as there isn’t much in the town I live in, so when I go into Plymouth I end up going everywhere and buying as much as possible!. #retailtherapy If you will.

Make-up and skincare

I’ve put this into the same category as I didn’t buy a load of it (shocking I know). However, the main purpose for me going was clothing and as it was boiling hot out I just wanted to go into the shops get what I need and come straight out so I could get home.


I love Superdrug!. They have everything and I could spend all day shopping in there, There’s also a threading parlour in the Plymouth one where I usually have my eyebrows threaded.

Loreal matte infalliable foundation in porcelain (£8)

I’ve heard some amazing stuff about this but I have to say I’m not hugely impressed with it. I don’t think the coverage is that great. The bottle says it is high coverage but id argue medium at best. However, I realised later on you have to shake this before use, which I didn’t do so I will give this another shot. Update I have tried this again blending with my fingers in circular motions and shaking the tube and it went amazing!.

MUA undress your skin highlighter in pink shimmer (£3)

This highlighter is amazing!. This literally makes you feel like a unicorn. I had heard there was a hard coating on so you have too get rid of that first but once you do oh my gosh it is heaven. Super pigmented and so shimmery. This highlighter, Has stole my heart and for only £3 you cant go wrong).

MUA Luxe velvet lip laquer in tranquillity (£3)

I mainly got this as there was a 3 for 2 on and if there’s one thing I will always do it’s take advantage of a good offer on makeup. However, I own a few of these already so I knew I’d like it. This is a brown shade which isn’t usually my thing but what the hell I’m all for trying something new. The pigments great, The product lasts well and I really like it.

Lush – sugar srub, body scrub (£2.95)

There will never be a time where I will go into lush and not buy something, even if its something little. I love the store, the staff are so friendly and helpful and I always find something I ‘need’.I think the thing I love most is how natural everything is!. I picked up this sugar scrub which smell of lavender and mint. I haven’t used a solid scrub before so I’m looking forward to trying it out!.

The body shop – Shower gel in Vineyard Peach (£3 on sale!)

In the same way I do with Lush I always end up in the body shop finding something I need. Want. This time as there was a sale on I couldn’t resist, I didn’t really need anything In particular but I found this peach shower gel which just smelt amazing and what better was on sale for £3!.

Nu-skin- Marine mud mask- £25

Now there isn’t a Nu-skin shop but I brought this from a rep a few weeks back and I picked it up today. this basically draws all the dirt and dead cells from out of your skin to give you beautifully 0smooth skin. I’m yet to try this and I’m just hoping it’s okay on my sensitive skin. I’ll be doing a review once I’ve given it a shot!.


Okay, I’m going to start by saying I love Primark. It’s out there. I know some people think it’s tacky because it is so cheap which I agree with on some products that break after like 2 wears. However, I think for what you pay, this is one of the best clothing shops.


I only actually got one pair of shoes which is a shock horror for me really. They’re just a plain black pair of espadrilles for the summer. These we’re only around £4 which I think was amazing value. I also picked up my usual frilly pack of trainer socks.


Tops wise I got myself a couple, not really loads though because I Couldn’t find anything in my size (sale problems). Although, the bits I did get I really like. I first found a top with little food items sewed on and I just thought this was super cute. I also went for a high neck ribbed vest which I thought would be really nice with some leggings for a casual outfit in the summer. I picked up a throw over style top which I mainly brought for on the beach to go over my bikini and lastly I went for a really nice burgundy necklaced t-shirt which is super lightweight and I thought would look really nice with a pair of skinny jeans.


I first picked up a pair of your bog standard leggings which go with pretty much anything. I also went for a pair of super high waist skinny jeans which are actually really skinny on me *cheers* (I can never find jeans that fit me right).


I brought a cute little pineapple candle. Yes I know I buy too many candles!. but it’s a pineapple. It smells of lemonade and kiwi’s with a coppery type finish and I just love it.

I also went for a perfume. This was a weird one for me as id never usually buy something like this from pimark as I thought it would smell so horrible and tacky for £2 but I gave it a shot and smelt a few and I actually really liked the scent of the fizzy berries. So I thought for £2 lets just give it a try and it’s actually really growing on me. I think I might get the pina colada one next time!.
Have you took advantage of the sales? what did you find?
Thankyou for reading,
Charlie xx

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