Elf haul & First impressions.

I’ve heard a lot about E.L.F from other bloggers, they have some amazing products and their baked blush is an amazing dupe for Macs(and only £3). Their make up’s all such good quality and they sent me a free gift which I was thrilled with!. I got lots of free goodies


Is there any better feeling in this world than buying yourself brand new brushes?. The answer is No!. This set was £30 and the brushes are incredible. So soft and they all blend so well!. I love the design of them too. I was so so happy with these!.

In this set you get a complexion brush used for powders blushes or bronzers.
A powder brush, which can be used for blush and perfect contouring
Angled foundation brush used for liquid foundation.
A fan brush to get your highlight On fleek.
A blush brush ( pretty explanatory what that one does).
A concealer brush (again explanatory).
You also get a contour brush for your eye crease.
An Elf “C” brush for all your eyeshadow blending needs.
a precision brush for small targeted areas.
small smudge brush for blending eyeliner and creating smokey eyes.
Small angled brush for your liner, eyebrows or lip colour.

The free brushes

Oh ELF. How lovely of you. The way to a girls heart is make up brushes, and how can you make it better, give them for free! Anyway, I received a kabuki brush and a concealer brush free! YES I have a spare for the dreaded brush washing time. They’re both super soft and the kabuki brush is amazing!. I love these brushes!.

The other free gifts.

So on top of the free brushes their was more gifts. E.L.F You have won my heart!. MAY I NEVER SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE AGAIN.

The eye primer in sheer.

Although I haven’t tried this one out yet I’m excited too it has a wand on it which I’m interested about as I haven’t had a primer with one before, so should be easier top apply, The colours a little darker than my skin tone, but when blended looks fine (from a swatch) and my hand looks mega smooth and feels super soft, so that’s a good sign.

The elf luscious liquid lipstick in baby lips.

I love the shade of this, By the looks of this you twist the end to dispense the product onto the brush/sponge type thing. It looks super easy to apply and I cant wait to try it out!.

The mineral pressed bronzer in tan toffee

You’re spoiling me now!. I love this bronzer oh my gosh!. so much pigmentation and its matte which has stole my heart!. lovely colour and stays in place as far as I can tell!. LOVE IT!
It’s safe to say. I am in love with E.L.F Thankyou, for reading, Have you ever tried anything from E.L.F?, what did you think of it?
Much love,
Charlie xx

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