My June birchbox.

Okay, so my Birchbox is a little late this month, all fault of mine. I could afford it until recently and I kept forgetting to order it when I could which means this and the July Birchbox post wont be too far apart (the July box is already on route). Never the less I got around to ordering my June box and as usual when it came I got mega excited to see what was inside almost like (well I’m supposed to say a kid here but I get mega excited at Christmas) me on Christmas day. Overall, I’d say it’s Okay The products haven’t blown me away from first impressions but I’ll see after I’ve given them a whirl.

The box overall.

Okay, so I’ve actually never had a prettier box. Although Aprils was stunning. However, this is covered in tiny little pineapples and who doesn’t love pineapples right?. I like the concept of this being a draw whereas past boxes have always just  had lift up lids. I always re-use my Birchboxes and this one is very practical for that.

The products

So as I said I thought the products were ‘ok’. I didn’t want to miss out on this months because what 1. one was getting seemed amazing. However, I’m just not amazed at what I’ve got. In the box.

The jelly ping pong lighten up brightener – £14.95

Which seems to me like a highlighting crayon (that’s what I got from the description), I got this in full size. However, from a swatch I’m not massively impressed, it just seemed to wipe straight off when I tried to blend and its just stuck in some patches and it’s scratchy as hell. There’s no shimmer in this which is what I’d always look for in a highlight. However, I will give this a fair shot and try it on my face before I say I don’t think I’d repurchase this.

The Percy & Reed reassuringly firm session hold hairspray – £12

I’m liking this, I’m not a huge hairspray person and I don’t tend to use it like that. However when I do use it I expect the kind of hold this gives you, It’s not like hairsprays I’ve used before that spray out loads (does that make sense?, I don’t know). Anyway, this seems to have a good coverage when spraying and it keeps in place well. It doesn’t smell as bad as most hairsprays and the packaging’s super instagramable!.

The Bioderma photo AKN MAT SPF30- £14

This is one that I’m bit on the fence about. Simply because SPF is what I look for in a moisturiser. However, this one mattifies  your skin and if there’s one thing I hate about products that I’ve used to mattify my skin is they’ve stripped everything out of it and it’s not nice when that happens. However, is does say that it only regulates the skin’s oils so I’m up for giving that a try definitely.

The Wish coconut milk CC body cream – £15.50

Hold up you can get CC body creams? am I just totally late on this one?, Probably? This isn’t my usual product. It kind of seems to me like a body soufflé type product “this formula will bronze you from tip-to-toe while treating your skin to nourishment too”. I’m not the tanning type. I’ve only ever tried a few products where tans concerned and it’s gone mega-streaky. However, this is a bronzer and seems as though it may wash off. So, I’d be mistake proof, right?. Also, as I’m about as pale as a milk carton I’m all up for giving this a try out!. It also has coconut milk in which I love for the skin and it smells quite pleasant so I’m excited to try this out. After trying this I’m a bit disappointed. I’m extremely glittery (which don’t get me wrong I love glitter) but I’m yet to be somewhat ‘bronzed’ .I may have applied wrong but I probably wont purchase this again.

The Huygens le gommage visage £17.90

A face scrub!. yes, yes, yes!. I’m always after new scrubs and things like that to try out on my skin as I’m still hopelessly looking for My brand that works completely for me. I have oily/combination/sensitive skin and yes it Is as annoying as it sounds. Products that tend to sort out my oiliness irritate my skin and those that are gentle enough don’t do much for my oiliness. However this does say it’s gentle enough for everyday use and is for all skin types which can be a bold statement to make but I’m excited to give it a try. I love the smell of this, It smells super fresh and lovely and I do love the packaging which is strange because yellow isn’t usually my cup of tea. After trying this one I will say my skin looks and feels super fresh and a tiny bit goes a long way!.

Overall opinions.

Although to start of with I wasn’t very blown away by the products. Now everything part from the crayon I am super happy to give a whirl. Although, I will try the crayon I already know It wont be my cup of tea but it may surprise me!. Have you received your june birchbox? or have you tried any of these products?.What did you think?.
Thankyou for reading. Much love,
Charlie xx

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