Coconut oil for beauty?

I’ve started to use coconut oil!. yes I know how Did I not get on this band waggon until now but truthfully I never realised their was so many uses and I was a little terrified of putting oil on my face, as you know oil is always something we’re supposed to get rid of or balance out. However,  I really wanted to see what the hype was about. So I picked myself up a jar from Holland and Barrett and I’m giving it a go!.

What can It be used for?


You can use coconut oil as a make up cleanser. I know the sound of putting oil on your face doesn’t  sound great. But give it a try. The coconut oil has anti bacterial properties as well as that it makes an amazing moisturiser so you may be pleasantly surprised. You’ll need a couple teaspoons of coconut oil, a nice warm flannel.
So how you do this is take the coconut oil and start massaging it into your face for about 30 seconds, then take your warm cloth and place it over your face to open up your pores around 20 seconds and then gently remove the oil using the cloth. and voila a nice fresh hydrated face!.


Coconut oil has amazing moisturising properties. If you want to go a bit more Au Natural with your moisturiser coconut oil is an amazing start. It sinks in so quickly and makes your skin feel super smooth and hydrated. And it smells super nice too!.

Leave in conditioner

This is by far my favourite one. After a shower or hair wash I take a tiny bit of coconut oil and run it through my damp (towel dried) hair. This has made my hair look healthier and feel so smooth. I’m trying to grow my hair so if anyone has any tips please please let me know in the comments, much love!.

Oil pulling
I hadn’t heard of this one until recently but I’ll be defo giving it a try. Too me it sounds like giving your teeth a super deep clean. This wont as such bleach whiten your teeth, but it does help to get rid of yellowness, and plaque as well as help bad breath.

All you need to do for this one is take a table spoon of the oil and swish it through and around your teeth for 10-20 minutes and spit it out easy as pie!.