A nice little break to Torquay.

Holidays are my favourite thing!, just going somewhere you don’t know and attempting to find your way around. Making lots of memories and just having a lovely relaxing time.

So recently it was my boyfriends birthday and I didn’t want to just give him some generic present. Last year for his birthday we were long distance (I’m talking like nearly 300 miles away). So despite any present it was nice to be with him for his birthday this year. So back to the gift, I thought instead of clothes or a gift that’s most likely not going to have much meaning We’d go to Torquay for the night. I did want it to be for a week. However, It was such short notice that we had no chance of having It off work.

It didn’t take us long to get there maybe about an hour and a half, so we checked into our B&B, chucked our stuff in the room and hit the shops. We went into Primark and came out with a few clothes and bits and bobs about an hour or  later (never let me in Primark I will be in there ages). I found the cutest little  candles in there for like £1 one was sea salt and lavender and my god it is super relaxing and one was Madagascan vanilla which I loved. We then just walked around a few random shops and went into one of those little photo booths and took some photo’s which I’ve framed.

There was a rather high big wheel there (Coming from someone who is relatively scared of heights) We couldn’t resist but to go on it and I’m so glad we did. Although I was a little anxious the view was worth every second of it. We had a nice little walk along the pier and around the sea front. and ended up going for our dinner at Weather spoons which was lovely.

The day after we woke up to a full English which was so nice, the staff at the B&B we’re jst so lovely and friendly and we went back around town to see if there was any shops we missed and then went for our train.

Even though we were there like 2 days we somehow managed to get through like £100 in spending money. Never the less I had the loveliest time and hopefully my boyfriend had the best birthday. He can’t wait to go back, so that’s a good sign!.

I think going away somewhere even just for a day was so much better than just buying him stuff, memories are worth so much more than possesions.