The best £1 eyeshadows I’ve found.

Yes, you read that right. £1 eyeshadows!. Meet the MUA single shadows in Golden, Bronze, Onyx and chamois. These super cute shadows are shimmery and stunning. and they actually took a while to get the swatches of my hand so that’s a good sign of the time they last. The colours are just gorgeous. Absolutely perfect. I love the colour of these. There also glitter which absolutely won my heart!

I got Golden, Chamoisee, Bronze and onyx. My favourite shade by far is Chamoisse! It’s gorgeous! so stunning on as well. However, It took me a while  to pick my fave!. They’re super pigmented which is always what I look for in a shadow. The colours just stole my heart. I found them super easy to apply and blend out and the colours worked so well together!. For £1 each, I couldn’t go wrong!.

I’ve used a few of the mua products and the only things I didn’t get along with were the lipsticks as they didn’t last and the matte ones just felt like they were tearing my lips as I applied. However, saying that they released a liquid lips range which I am in love with and they’re only like £3 a tube which is amazing value for the quality!. I highly recommend MUA to anyone on a budget. They’re super affordable and the products are a good quality you can’t go wrong!.

You can find all the MUA products here

Thank you for reading!. Have you ever tried MUA?