May Birchbox 2016

I Lurrve me a birchbox!. Who loves bichbox’s?. If you haven’t heard of birchbox before its a subscription for £10 (2.95 delivery) every month. They send you 5 products at least one will be full size from what I’ve gathered, every products based on your skin, from the profile you fill out. The boxes are super cute! and I just love it!.

So, What did I get?.

The Spectrum collections Unicorn tears wonder sponge
UNICORN. Okay now that’s out of my system, This is the most adorable beauty blender I have ever seen. Like the packet has unicorns on and who doesn’t love unicorns, right?.
So this is for blending make up. It says on the packet to dampen before use. However, I’ve never done this with a beauty blender myself.. Am I doing this wrong? haha. I’ll dampen this one before using and see what the effect is. This was a full size product I received. RRP £4.99
The Balm cosmetics, Staniac in beauty queen
This is just such a gorgeous colour. There’s a really nice smell to this too!, It also seems hydrating from a swatch but I’ll know more when I use it properly and when I do I’ll let you guys know. It’s got like a raspberry coloured tint to it, you can use this on your cheeks as well. Although I’m not sure I trust myself with a stain on my cheeks.. However, it does have a longer drying time giving you the time to blend.  This is RRP at £10
The Phillip Kinsley PK prep polishing balm
Oh Birchbox, I do love you guys.  A FRIZZ TREATMENT. This was much needed in my haircare routine!. You apply this to towel dried hair or on dry. This says “Forget fly aways, frazzled hair and dry ends” What a dream!. Hopefully, this works as well as it promises too!. RRP at £18.50.
Caudalie Vinosource moisturising sorbet.
Can I just say how cute this product is!, The packaging is adorable. It also smells quite nice. “anti oxidising benefits your skin will love” This product just sounds great! I can’t wait to try this one  out!, I think I may have to like today, This reduces redness and soothes skin, This sounds amazing. RRP at £23
Rituals ta wai wang mild exfoliating body scrub

This contains Chinese bamboo particles and white lotus which helps to leave your skin smooth. I like a scrub where it actually does feel like a scrub, My top one Is the body shops coconut scrub, So we’ll have to see how this one is!. I love the smell of this one as well so I can’t wait to try it out!.

YU-BE moisturising skin cream
This was an extra in the box, Its a small tube of cream which is for very dry skin, whether it be on your lips or your legs after shaving, This contains glycerine which is known for it’s hydrating properties, as some on that does have dry skin I’m excited to see if this one works!.Thanks for reading x

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