Spring picks 2016.

So spring is here and the weather’s finally picking up. Well, sort of, not really. Anyway, I love spring everything starts blooming again, we get blossoms and it’s beautiful. Here are some spring beauty and skincare picks for you!. 

This spring I’ve gone with pink tones, with shimmery pallets and blush etc, I most relate pink with spring because of all the cherry blossoms and all of the flowers that bloom. I think pinks (especially nude pinks) match up nicely with a lot of this years spring fashion picks.

The Maybelline super stay 24 hr colour lipstick in Non-stop pink.

A dual end lipstick with long-lasting power. I chose this in a gorgeous pinky shade ready for the spring although this does kind of make my lips tingle and I’m not hugely keen on that so perhaps I wont be using it much. Although it matches up to the palette I brought gorgeously.
Find it here;http://www.boots.com/en/Maybelline-Superstay-24hr-DualEnded-Lip-Color_1150622/ 

The makeup revolution pallette in Iconic 3 

OH MY GOSH This palette is gorgeous. I love my shimmer/ glitter shadows as you may know, These colours are just adorable for spring. There are a lot of  neutral glitter shades and some matte and pearls. They last a few hours they blend well and the pigment isn’t too bad for £4 either.

The Rimmel lasting finish mono blush in Live pink

A gorgeous pink shimmer blush, I was afraid of this being a bit bright but there isn’t much pigment in this It’s more on the sheer side so there was no need to worry about that one, It gives a nice glow!.

The Rimmel kate contour palette

I’m an absolute lover of the kate range from Rimmel. The lipsticks are heaven!.

This is One I haven’t tried yet, It’s a new palette with gorgeous shimmer shades. Although I’ve seen people really hype over this it isn’t my fave. I prefer a matte contour shade and this lacks in pigment, I just looked like I chucked shimmer everywhere.

The MUA velvet Liquid lipstick – Dash

I find with these you should always check the colour whilst you’re in the shop as they’re usually a different colour on the outside due to the frosted effect. I checked this one and it’s a darker colour than expected. However, it is a lovely shade which would work  really well with the rest of my spring collection. It has amazing stay power, usually lasts me 4/5 hours with no top ups.

The MUA lip liner

This is a gorgeous pink which goes well with my superstar lipstick. The great  Thing with Mua is the liners are only £1 and most of the other products are around £3-£4 so it’s very affordable, the quality is also quite good for saying you’re paying such a small amount. I love it.

The Nivea lip balm in raspberry rose.

This is quite a reoccurring favourite of mine because of how good it is. It really moisturises my lips well and it smells like sweets which is always a bonus and a nice little pick me up.