Rimmel Match perfection VS Bourjois Healthy mix foundation.

As someone who’s always been fairly loyal to a trusty Rimmel foundation, The match perfection has always been a go to of mine. I recently picked up the Bourjois Healthy mix foundation after seeing a few Youtuber’s review it and it got me thinking could it replace my old faithful?

A little insight on the products.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

According to the description; The Bourjois healthy mix foundation includes fruit therapy. This is made up of apple, melon and apricot extracts. The apple is for youth, the melon for hydration and the apricot for radiance. The product states 16-hour hydration. However, it Doesn’t mention how long the product will last. This also contains crystalline pigments to even skin tone, it states it is easy to blend. There isn’t many shade variations I noticed, I brought the lightest but it’s still a little dark for my pale self, however it’ll be good for the summer.

Rimmel Match perfection foundation

The Rimmel Match perfection foundation has always been a go-to for myself, I do feel like it does a good job for the price (£7.99) but I don’t feel like it lasts well for myself. However, The products key points are; it contains SPF20, it boasts pore blurring technology, it claims to provide 24 hours of hydration and it also hosts a range of shades.

Rimmel Match Foundation (left)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (right)

Both foundations have properties I’d look for and they’re both ideal if you’re sticking to a budget priced at no more than £10. Packaging wise they both include a pump for minimal wastage. In terms of benefits on a first glance I’m drawn to the Bourjois healthy mix knowing it contains fruit extracts over the Rimmel. Finish wise I do feel like I prefer the match perfection because it’s more of a matte finish and as I have oily skin that’s something I look for.

In terms of shades I’d say the match perfection has more shades available and for someone who’s pale I do appreciate that. However, I will use the Bourjois when I have a tan. Skin wise I do feel like the Bourjois has benefited my skin more on application. Whereas, I’m grateful for the SPF in the Rimmel foundation in the long run. For coverage I have to say my trusty Match perfection absolutely trumps the healthy mix and it can be built up nicely without appearing cakey.


I really thought the bourjois would trump my trusty match perfection after hearing such good things about it but as a personal preference I’ve gotta say nothings come close to it yet!.

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