What’s in my bag?.

I bluddy love a good “what’s in my bag”. Perhaps I’m just really nosey. I feel as though everyone’s bags has those essentials in that you just can’t leave the house without (even if that does include 150 receipts and gum wrappers). So I’ve decided I’m going to tell you what’s in my bag and don’t worry I took all those receipts out.

Bag: New Look 

 £17.99  which I got as a Christmas present from my boyfriend and I absolutely love it. I’ve been after one like this for so long and I just fell in love when I saw it, I had to have it.


I literally never leave the house without a can of this in my bag. I absolutely love the ‘Rock and Love impulse’ at the moment, this has the nicest floral smell it is gorgeous!. 

my mittens

You can’t beat a cute lil pair of mittens can you?. I picked mine out from Primark a few months ago for roughly £3 (absolute bargain) and I love them. They’re the cutest pink colour and they can go into fingerless gloves as well (win win for texting).

My purse

Another beauty from primark. My beige/stone coloured purse. There’s so much room in this one (even too much for all the cards I harbour and never touch). But regardless of that it’s so cute and for £6 you can’t go wrong.

Hand cream

Another winter essential for me as I  get such dry skin in the winter. I’m currently using the Dove purely pampering hand cream with shea butter and warm vanilla which I got in a gift set for Christmas. This has a gorgeous smell, Its very moisturising and I use this quite a lot. It keeps my hands lovely, soft and hydrated.

What’s in your bag!?                  

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