What’s in my bag?.

I feel as though everyone’s bags has those essentials in that you couldn’t leave the house without. I quite enjoy reading/ watching what’s in my bags videos and being a bit nosey but I like to see what people just simply couldn’t go anywhere without! So I’ve decided I’m going to tell you what’s in my bag (under all the chewing gum wrappers that I specifically removed for this).

Bag: New Look 

 £17.99  which I got as a Christmas present, I absolutely love it. It’s so beautiful.


I literally never leave the house without a can of this in my bag. I absolutely love the ‘Rock and Love impulse’ at the moment, this has the nicest floral smell it is gorgeous!. 

my mittens

I absolutely love my mittens, They’re so soft and warm, they can also we wore as fingerless gloves!. and I jut thought they were the cutest!, As it is winter I do like to carry around my mittens just in case it gets a little chilly out. That way I’m prepared! I’ll also carry around a scarf due to how quick the weather changes where I am. The mittens were
£3 Primark (total bargain!). However, they are only available in store.

My purse

I absolutely love my purse It was from Primark and I bought it a few weeks ago as soon as I saw it I was just like I have to buy this, I just thought it was gorgeous!.(Primark, only available in store)

Hand cream

Another winter essential for me as I  get such dry skin in the winter. I’m currently using the Dove purely pampering hand cream with shea butter and warm vanilla which I got in a gift set for Christmas. However, I’ll definitely replace this once it has run out. This has a gorgeous smell, Its very moisturising and I use this quite a lot. It keeps my hands lovely, soft and hydrated.

I’ll also carry around a little make up for touching up throughout the day. (depending on what makeup I wear that day).

What’s in your bag!?