Welcome to my blog | 10 facts about me.

Welcome to my blog!, I started this blog to share my interest in makeup and beauty. I’ve read lots of blogs in the last year and some of my faves have inspired me to create my own. As you don’t know me and this is quite possibly your first time around here; Hi!, I’m Charlotte (I very much prefer to be called Charlie) and this is my little wonderland where I share all things beauty and lifestyle and here are 10 things about me, let me know something about you in the comments!.

1- I am obsessed with tea – You’ll know this if you follow me literally anywhere (literally). I’m talking Twitter, Instagram you name it I have mentioned at least once my love for tea. 

2- I plan for everything early. I couldn’t care if it’s three weeks away if I’m excited, I’m picking out my outfit – simples.

3- I freaking love stationary. 

4- I find decorating a room the most calming thing ever & I love it.

5- Pinterest is my go to whenever I need something. Home inspo, baking ideas, fashion inspo.. Pinterest has my back & I love it.

6- I cannot resist a good trip to Primark. Or Lush, that is enough said.

7- I’m one of those people who loves organising everything (Monica Gueller right here).

8- I set up this blog back in November 2015 and blogging has become one of my favourite things to do.
9- I’ve had anxiety for a really long time, It’s been a lengthy battle (believe me) but I think it’s passing, I’d like to raise awareness with this blog and help anyone going through it, you can always DM me on twitter if you need someone to talk to.

10- I absolutely love love love my family, my boyfriend and my friends. They’ve always been there for me and they’re the best; I love you all.

Thankyou so much for visiting my little wonderland!. See you soon!.
Charlie xx